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Connecting PayPal to Google Pay


This tutorial was made for the US and may look different if you are in a different country
Check to see if your country allows using PayPal in Google Pay at this link: https://purchase.ember.zone/paypal

Google Pay Account

  • Login to your Google Account in your browser by clicking this icon
  • Once you are signed in, you'll see your account information provided
  • After you sign in, go to your Google Pay account at https://pay.google.com/
    If you haven't used Google Pay before, you'll see this page
    If you have used Google Pay before, you can skip to adding a payment method
  • It will ask you for credit card information, which you can enter the information provided below
  • For your address, it doesn't matter what it is since the card will be declined anyway, just make sure it's valid to pass the check
  • After clicking "Save" you'll see this error at the bottom of your page

Add Payment Method

  • Once you're there, click Add payment method and you should see this menu
If you don't see Add PayPal, your country might not support PayPal
  • Add your PayPal account and it should show up like this

Paying Invoice

  • After linking your PayPal account, go back to the invoice page and click pay Once you get to the Stripe checkout, wait a second and the Google Pay button should show up
  • Click that and select PayPal as your payment method in the dialog box
Last modified 1yr ago